Clear Quartz Water Bottle
Clear Quartz Water Bottle
Clear Quartz Water Bottle

Clear Quartz Water Bottle

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Clear Quartz 

Transformation + Clarity + Healing

The clear quartz is a powerful healing stone also known as the “master healer”. The prismatic nature of Clear Quartz allows it to split natural clear light into the full spectrum of colors, and therefore balances all the chakras. Its versatile nature makes it a programmable and personal tool, allowing you to direct the desired energy while meditating. Clear Quartz also promotes clarity of the mind and enhances creativity - its powers are truly limitless! 

Why drink quartz water?

Water has memory and vibration.  When you drink water that is charged with the radiation of special crystals, it will cause a positive transformation in your physical, mental and spiritual body. 

The water and the quartz harmonize and combine their force and vitality to elevate the vibrations and purify the energy.

How to clean your quartz bottle 

  • Open from underneath and remove the quartz (unscrew).
  • Once the bottle has no quartz you can wash it by hand like any other. 
  • It is better if you  clean the quartz by leaving it outside on a full moon night in a bowl of grain salt. 
  • The next day, rinse your clean and freshly charged quartz with water to remove the dust. Avoid using soap because it is a mineral and can corrode.
  • Thread your quartz and enjoy all the benefits and well-being!

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